Group Membership Management

Goodbye Spreadsheets and Scattered Records

Manage Member Enrollment

BigTent allows you to create customized membership forms and types to match your organization’s needs. As members sign up, you can review their progress and choose to approve new members before letting them into the group. Whether you’re switching from another service or trying to grow on BigTent, you’ll love the ease of adding new members and their info to your group.

Keep Member Info Up-to-Date

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets. BigTent stores information from the membership form in your group’s secure, searchable database. Members can help you out by updating their own information.

Choose What Info to Share with the Group

At BigTent, member privacy is key. Customize what member info is viewable only by admins, and what's viewable by other members of the group. Maybe your neighborhood association feels it's important for everyone to know each member's street address, while your PTA would prefer to conceal this information. With BigTent, it's up to you.

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