Group Communication

Tools for All Message Types

Spark Discussion with Forums

Use discussion forums to stir up conversation. Whether you have a question about preschools or block parties, chances are someone else in your group does, too. And when you post your question, a response is often only minutes away.

To promote participation, our forums let members contribute either via email or while signed in to BigTent. And to put admin minds at ease, they come with powerful moderation tools.

Spread the Word Quickly with News Blasts

When the message is urgent, you'll want to reach your whole group right away. BigTent group news allows you to do just that. Type your message then click a button to email your entire group. It's that easy.

Get Feedback with Polls

Need member feedback on the best date for the spring picnic, or which speaker to invite to your next meeting? Post a poll. It will only take members a few seconds to vote, and you'll see results instantly.