Why Big Tent?

Get More Done (In Less Time!)

"BigTent has streamlined the process in every way. We can blog, make requests, send out invitations, announce events, and coordinate with other local organizations that are using BigTent." – Deb F.

See Everything in One Place

As soon as you sign in, Big Tent shows you the latest activity in your groups and subgroups. Sign up for an event, respond to a question in the forums, or approve a new member to join your group.

Manage Memberships Online

BigTent lets group leaders -- and trees -- breathe a little easier. You can stop collecting membership forms by upgrading to online forms and tracking. Search your secure group database and find out who's interested in volunteering, who has an upcoming birthday, and who just had twins.

Collect Dues and Donations

Once you're done with paper membership forms, you can also ditch check payments. Use BigTent and collect membership dues via credit card and PayPal, then keep track of everything in an online ledger. Members can still send in checks, but when paying online means instant group access, chances are they won't.

Plan Events

Say goodbye to phone trees and email chains. Post your event on BigTent and watch the RSVPs roll in. If you're hosting a potluck or volunteer event, members can even say that they're bringing a casserole or would like the afternoon shift.