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Austin Families with Food Allergies

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We welcome individuals who have food allergies or who are caregivers of children with food allergies in the Austin metro area.

We are a group of individuals with food allergies and parents who are raising children with food allergies in the Austin metro area. If you have food allergies or are a parent or other caregiver who would like to join our group, please sign up! We welcome parents with newly diagnosed infants to those preparing to send their teens to college and every age in between. Whether your family is struggling with one or multiple food allergies, we encourage you to team up with us to learn the ins and outs of food allergies, share ideas, recipes, product finds and safety tips, voice your concerns, get answers to questions, and support and encourage each other along the way.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website and on these forums is not intended for use as medical or legal advice. Austin Families with Food Allergies does not endorse any medical treatment, medical professional, website, speaker, product, literature, business, or nutrition plan. We are not medical professionals and do not provide medical diagnosis or treatment. We are a group of parents sharing information and supporting each other. Austin Families with Food Allergies is not responsible for any actions taken or avoided as a result of accessing the information on this site. For specific medical or nutritional advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor.

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Only 4 days until the best food allergy event in Austin!

7/28/2017 (6 mos ago)
Looking for food-free Halloween fun for your food allergy kiddo?
Interested in a cure for food allergies? Want to meet other food
allergy families?

Join Austin Families with Food Allergies for the 2017 FARE Food
Allergy Heroes Walk!
http://fare.foodallergy.org/austin2017 [1]

Put on your Halloween costume and join us for FOOD-FREE
TRICK-OR-TREATING... read more »
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9/14/2011 (6 yrs ago)