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Bisexual Men's Alliance of DC

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Metro DC bisexual and bi-curious men regardless of relational status and emotional/sexual preferences.


Bi Men's Alliance of Washington, DC (BIMA DC) is a social and support group for Bi and Fluid MEN in the DC metro area, including NoVA and MD. The hope is to form a visible group that values acceptance, strength, and companionship for all.


The group is open and affirming to bi, fluid, and questioning men regardless of their relationship statuses or sexual preferences. Our members are single, dating, partnered, married, separated, or divorced. Some are monogamous, others are polyamorous. Our group ranges in age from college to retirement age. Our Facebook Fan Page, is for both members and supporters of BIMA DC.


BIMA DC has no religious or political affiliation, relational or lifestyle preference, nor encourages relationships with just men, or just women, or both. BIMA DC upholds that we all need to find our own personal resolution for our own sexual existence and experience, as long as it is a consensual and ethical one. Together we accomplish this through supporting and engaging one another in open and honest friendship. We do not serve as an online "hookup" group and members must provide information about their intents and purposes for joining BIMA.


The Facebook page acts as a visible online community for the group and it's supporters. Our events and announcement are located on Big Tent. A Google Group also exists to respect the privacy and confidentiality of everyone involved and not "out" individuals wishing to remain discreet while participating in conversation with others.

Recent News

Announcements News

March Planning Chat Recap

3/8/2010 (9 yrs ago)

We just finished our monthly planning chat on Skype. If you missed
this one, don't worry because we will be having them monthly from this
point forward.


BIMA DC will continue to get up and running a support group in cahoots
with The Center. Last summer... read more »
Announcements News

February 2010 Update

2/10/2010 (9 yrs ago)
Had wanted to plan an event for February, but it looks like our
Blizzards are interfering with any meetup we could plan. So goes
mother nature. We will shoot for the end of February now. At any rate,
wanted to get some announcements out to you guys as we get set to
relaunch BIMA DC into the warmer months... read more »