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Metro Boston French Language Playgroup

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Welcome to the Metro Boston French Language Playgroup!

The Metro Boston French Language Playgroup is a parenting forum to assist both francophone and non-francophone families in the Boston metro area whose goals are to raise bilingual/multilingual children, network and socialize while making new friends for the entire family.
Some families may want to join an ongoing playgroup, set up their own mini- playgroups within their towns, get together for impromptu playdates, or organize other similar activities. This group also offers a space for families to share, trade, or sell educational resources for children such as French or bi-lingual toys and books. The forum also offers a platform for discussions of all issues related to parenting and raising children by families who embrace a multicultural and multilingual world.

The primary goal of the French Language Playgroup in the Boston area is to serve as a support group for parents and children. It also envisions itself as a venue for every family interested in the French Language and multilingualism to converge, converse, and make new friends.

This group is only open to families. There are many other resources for individuals who are interested in the French language. For any questions and to ensure that your application for membership is approved, please send a very short and discrete bio about your family to 02144mail@gmail.com. We do this simple procedure to ensure everyone's privacy and that only families are joining the group.