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Requirement for Membership

Must be a professional photographer (gaining a significant portion of your income from photography), have professional ties to the greater Boston area

Welcome to the forum for Boston area professional wedding photographers! This online community founded by Matt and Enna Grazier of Grazier Photography is a place for professional photographers to network, meet, share ideas and information, and work together to achieve success in our industry. Many of our members conduct a wide variety of professional photography endeavors, but the main theme and focus of our group is the business of wedding photography.

We hope that those who join our community will work to support each others' positive business growth, and strengthen the ties that we already share through current working groups, professional associations, and friendships. This online resource is intended to provide networking and educational opportunities to professional photographers who have geographic ties to Boston and the greater New England area.


Photographers of all experience levels are encouraged to join. All new members must be sponsored by a current member.

In addition to residing in and/or marketing a significant portion of their business to New England, members must meet the following criteria:

1. have an active professional web presence.
2. actively running or growing an existing wedding photo business
PLUS one of the following:
Either have photographed a minimum of 20 weddings as lead photographer OR apprenticed to or employed by a professional photography studio

We also require a reference from a current member.

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Inspire Conference! March 26-28, 2012

1/19/2012 (6 yrs ago)

Tickets are going fast! Sign up now for Inspire 2012, and kick your
business into high gear for 2012!

Sign up now to save your seat in our special Pictage + ShootQ Boot
Camp, choose your special classes, participate in our online
conference community, and be first in line to choose your 1:1 mentor!
Announcements News

Inspire 2012!

1/19/2012 (6 yrs ago)

We are so excited about the new and amazing lineup of speakers,
sponsors, and opportunities for Inspire 2012!

Some of the elements of the conference that we are most excited about:

* - 1.5 hour speaking sessions

* - 2-3 hour limited seating classes with pre-enrollment

* - online community for... read more »