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Boston Parents Network

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Welcome to Boston Parents Network - a great parenting resource!

Our group was founded in 2005 by a mom from the DC area who wanted to replicate what DC Moms had in the Boston area and thus BPN was born.

Initially we were on Yahoo Groups but felt there was too much manual group management we had to do. Around 2008 we moved to FSG (findsmithGroups) and since FSG stopped running parenting groups, we were welcomed by BigTent in 2011.

Our group is here to help parents find information from other parents about kids, family, parenting, and anything else that relates to these. We welcome new parents, experienced parents and anyone who wants to talk about being a parent!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email the BPN co-moderators Deena Freed (deena.freed@gmail.com) and Naomi Ridge (naridge@gmail.com).

We encourage your participation and a lively discussion. Have fun!