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Cabot AR Freethinkers

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Requirement for Membership

Members should be a resident of Cabot, AR, or within a short driving distance.

Welcome to the Cabot Freethinkers!

Do you:
Live by the Golden Rule?
Consider yourself a free thinking individual?
Care to join a social community?
We are an organization of non-believers that will focus on:
Community Involvement
Social Events
Education and Information
Periodic events will be scheduled for the membership :
Presently there are no scheduled events, but our numbers are growing and I hope to schedule an event soon.
All meetings will be held at a public place in Cabot. In addition to in-person meetups, there will be an active online discussion forum for people to express their ideas, challenge others, share information, or talk about anything that is on their mind. The Cabot Freethinkers has no monthly dues at this time, and no mandatory attendance.
Just like you, we are looking for like-minded people who have left dogma, superstition and irrationality behind.
We would welcome you to the group.

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Cabot Freethinkers

1/29/2011 (8 yrs ago)
Greetings, April 19, 2011

The Cabot Freethinkers welcomes Skeptics, Humanists, Atheists
or people who might be on the fence.

I hope, if you find yourself in one of the above categories, you join
We now have 9 members, and we will soon arrange a time and place for a
I am considering the... read more »