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Christians Breaking Chain Forwards

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Welcome to CBCF Christians Breaking Chain Forwards!
Sorry the forums are private here, so you can still use this place as a blog and to connect with people. But the chain-smashing should be held where it can be seen by the general public. So the forum is at http://CBCF.boardhost.com

If you want to join this social network at Bigtent, I'm sorry about the captcha on the signup form if anyone should run up against it. I don't know how to get rid of it. Until I can, here are two ways of getting help solving visual captchas. No one should ever be barred from a site and forced to depend on someone else for filling out online forms just because they can't see an image.

http://www.solona.net because it is not a script and you get help via human operator, you can use any browser.


Webvisum is a Firefox extention, if you have Firefox and you run across a captcha, and there are no operators online at Solona, try this.

Smash chain letters, don't bash God. Fault the forwards, not the faith!