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charles abbott Provo Attorney art of presentation

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Whether one is selling a product or trying a lawsuit, the quality of the presentation is sometimes as important as the content of the message. For the past several years (ten or more I believe) I have had the privilege of serving as a volunteer advisor to the mock trial team of Centennial Junior High, in Provo, Utah.

The teacher, Krista Thornock, is an extraordinarily gifted teacher who manages to propel her students into the top rungs of this and other competitions each year. For example, this year in the "We the People" statewide competition her team won first place. This was her sixth first-place win.. In Mock trials each school has two teams competing with about 70 other schools. This past year one of our teams placed first and the other second, thus making us the first school to capture both first and second. In past years we have ranked either first or second. A lot of the credit for this success goes to her dedication and skills in training the students.

I let them know that the other teams may be smarter than us, but we will simply outwork them, and I tell a few war stories about my all-night sessions in law school and in the courtroom. If they get nothing else out of the program they learn that the key to success in life is hard work. This past year our students were so dedicated to the program that they scheduled their own practice sessions after school and on weekends – and it paid off. They are to be congratulated for their abilities, the quality of their presentations of the case, and most of all, for their hard work! Charles Abbott.