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Christian Homeschool Alliance of Texas provides a support ministry to Christian homeschooling families in south Dallas County and the surrounding area.

CHAT is a group of homeschooling families that come together to encourage and support one another by disseminating information of interest, pooling resources to provide supplemental educational and enrichment opportunities like field trips and Enrichment Days, providing opportunities for fellowship, and creating a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Membership is open to homeschooling families who concur with this Alliance's Principles and are in compliance with its rules. For answers to any questions about CHAT membership please contact chairman@c-h-a-t.org or membership@c-h-a-t.org.

For more information on CHAT Membership please see (http://goo.gl/kvBrD4)

For more information on our Enrichment Days program please see (http://goo.gl/8OMqA)

For our current Fall 2012 ED Schedule please see (http://goo.gl/ik9jk)

May God bless your family and your homeschool journey.

The CHAT Leadership Team

"By Love, Serve One Another"

To send information about events, products, or services of interest to our members, please send to FYI@c-h-a-t.org .

To learn more about CHAT, email info@c-h-a-t.org.