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Conibear Rowing Club

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Requirement for Membership

Active members must live within 50 miles of the Mt Baker boathouse.

Who are we?
Conibear Rowing Club (CRC) is a competitive masters rowing club for women age 21 and older. Our members have enjoyed the competition and companionship of the Seattle rowing community since 1984. Our average age is 44, but ages range from 27 to 70.

CRC members have the opportunity to travel to various regattas locally, nationally and internationally. CRC holds 1st place honors from such prestigious events as Opening Day Regatta, San Diego Crew Classic, Can-Am Masters Championships, NW Regionals, and National and World Masters Championships.

CRC is proud of members' off-the water triumphs as well. Among us are attorneys, dentists, Realtors, farmers, teachers, urban planners, professors, consultants, engineers and local business owners. And since competitive teams for women were rare when many of us were of school age, some of us are enjoying our first team sport.

CRC by-laws state: "The purpose of this organization shall be to promote programs devoted to the development of Masters rowing through athletic competition and physical fitness and to support the sport of rowing in the Northwest through active participation in the United Sates Rowing Association (USRA)."

Who can join us?

We welcome all rowers age 21 and over. If you are new to rowing you can take a ‘learn to row’ class through another club such as Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing. Additionally, if you have successfully completed a Rowing II level class through the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, or have received similar training elsewhere, come work out with us a few times to see how you like our group.

Who coaches us?

Our coaches have always been top quality. Our first coach, Dick Erickson, was former University of Washington men's coach and pioneer of Northwest Masters Women's rowing. Other head coaches have included Eleanor McElvaine, member of the three time UW National Women's Champions and current UW Women's Coach; Stephanie Doyle, former coxswain of the UW National Championship crew; and Sara Lopez (with the club for more than twenty years), Rowing Competition Coordinator for the 1996 Olympic Games.

What can we do for you?

Rowing has been shown to be the most complete exercise, using virtually all muscle groups for the most balanced workout in the shortest time. Rowing itself helps to increase bone density and lean muscle mass. Our program stresses the importance of stretching before workouts and encourages off-season fitness and cross-training.

You may start rowing for fitness or serenity, but soon the comraderie of the members, the thrill of competition and confidence you gain by pushing yourself beyond your limits will keep you coming back. What could be better than gliding through the water with eagles and herons soaring overhead as you watch the sun come up?

When? Where? How much?

Rowing season runs from early January to mid-November. Workout times are MWF 5:30 - 7:30 a.m

Seattle Parks Department Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center at 3800 Lake Washington Blvd. South (just south of the I-90 bridge)

CRC dues are $215 yearly, covering racing entry fees, mailings and USRA membership for the club. Individual USRA fee is $65 yearly. Current monthly equipment and coaching fees are approximately $115 per month, with options to pay by the month, season or year.

Recent News

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Pres.'s Day

2/18/2017 (1 yr ago)
Wind forecast is good for Monday so we will practice 7-9 am and row.

Hope to see you there!

Normal rowing practice will start Wednesday, 5:30a.

Regatta sign ups will go up this weekend.

Let us know if you have any questions at conibearcoach@gmail.com

Go Conibear!

Announcements News

San Diego crew classic

2/29/2016 (3 yrs ago)
Travel guidelines/schedule. Everyone at course by noon on Friday Ready
to unload, rig and row. Tentative race schedule. Need two hours after
3:00 race on Sunday to wash and load trailer.

11:00 heats for handicapped race


8:00 petite final handicapped race
11:00 grand final handicapped race
2:00 C final
3:00 E final read more »
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Auction Updates!

10/5/2015 (3 yrs ago)
Announcements News

Opening Day Invites

4/11/2015 (3 yrs ago)
Announcements News

1st Draft Regionals Entries

5/24/2013 (6 yrs ago)