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Digital Education Brighton

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The 21st century is a digital age that permeates all our lives

We work in new ways
We communicate in new ways
We socialise in new ways
We must educate in new ways
Digital technology, in the forms of mobile apps, games and other interactive resources, offers new and exciting ways of learning that can be personalised and can be fun.

The technology is there. From smartphone to PS3, Xbox to Nintendo Wii, iPad, Samsung Galaxy — a myriad of digital devices that offer all the creative possibilities of the use of graphics and animations, video and still images, speech and music, GPS, at everyone's fingertips. The trick is how to harness it.

We know that times are hard for schools and colleges, with budget cuts and continuing changes to curriculum.
We know it is difficult for schools and colleges to keep pace with the exponential progress of technology.
We know that it is difficult for schools and colleges to gather the expertise they may need to fully realise the exciting potential of digital technology for teaching and learning.
We want to help, and have established Digital Education Brighton to:

Share experience, and exchange ideas
Encourage use of digital technologies in schools
Work with and within schools and colleges on digital media projects
Educate teachers about digital technology
Help schools develop exciting teaching and learning opportunities using the technology
Involve pupils through work experience
Enable those in the education sector to educate digital media practioneers and businesses
We believe that digital media will have a vital role in transforming education from a system designed for industrialisation to an environment appropriate to our 21st century information society, an environment where learning for all is collaborative, and fun, and happens throughout life, not just in the classroom.

The primary aim of the group is to engage digital media and educators IN PRACTICE initially through working together on small projects.

Whilst the initial focus of the group will be to engage with local schools and other education institutions in teaching and learning projects that harness the exciting potential of digital media through workshops, teaching activities, and work experience schemes we also recognise that learning is not just for school. So, it is intended that the activities of the group will broaden out to include other training initiatives outside school environments reaching out to all ages, the socially excluded and the elderly.

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Education Inquiry Conference

12/18/2013 (5 yrs ago)
I've just signed up to this - looks interesting
From 10:00 - 16:00 on Sat 19th Jan

The Compass/NUT Education Inquiry has been working hard over the last
6 months to develop a new model of education. More than ever we need
you to be a part of the conversation for developing this new model. So
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Don't forget your CityCamp tickets

3/11/2013 (6 yrs ago)
A very brief email reminder that the tickets for CityCamp Brighton on
22-24 March are still available - but they're going fast.

If you want to take part, go to


and get yours now!

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Cherokee Nation

1/30/2013 (6 yrs ago)