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Dodge Jefferson Healthier Community Partnership

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Members should be residents of Dodge County or Jefferson County and interested in promoting healthy living.

Hello and welcome to the Dodge-Jefferson Healthier Community Partnership's online resource center! Here you can find and share information related to healthy lifestyle initiatives in Dodge and Jefferson County.

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New insurance company payout provisions begin 12/2

12/3/2011 (7 yrs ago)

Here's an interesting article from Forbes Magazine on a part of the
Health Care Act that went into effect on Friday.

From this point forward, insurance companies in the US will have to
spend at least 80% of all premiums collected from policyholders o... read more »
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New law expands hours for liquor sales in WI

10/26/2011 (7 yrs ago)
http://www.channel3000.com/politics/29586395/detail.html [1]

The new bill that passed the State Assembly yesterday would allow
retailers to sell beer and liquor beginning at 6 AM. Municipalities
would still be allowed to shorten hours if desired.

Prior to this, the legal hours of sale were 8 AM to midnight for beer
and 8 AM to 9 PM for all other spirits... read more »
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State and Local Workers: ETF Video on Benefits Changes

10/6/2011 (7 yrs ago)
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DJHCP now on Facebook!

9/2/2011 (7 yrs ago)
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Preaching a Healthy Diet in the Deep-Fried Delta

8/22/2011 (7 yrs ago)