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This online community is created to bring together those affected by chromosome 15q duplication syndrome to share information, stories and ideas. These duplications most commonly occur in one of two forms which collectively can be grouped under the umbrella of the chromosome 15q duplication syndrome diagnosis. These include an extra isodicentric 15 chromosome, abbreviated idic15, or an interstitial duplication 15. We are here to make friends, support each other and help do our best for the ones that we love.

This online community is available to registered members of Dup15q Alliance. For more information on chromosome 15q duplication syndrome or to register with Dup15q Alliance please visit the Dup15q Alliance website at www.dup15q.org.

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Winter Mirror

2/6/2013 (5 yrs ago)
Here is the latest copy of the winter Mirror which is now on our
website http://www.idic15.org/Winter_2013_Mirror.pdf [1]
There are many people who still receive the paper version of the
Mirror - if you would like to help us cut costs and receive the online
version, which is in color and more timely,... read more »
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All I want for Xmas is your two front teeth...

12/16/2012 (5 yrs ago)
Larry Reiter has reached out once again to let us know that all he
wants for Christmas is your two front teeth. Well, any tooth that
falls out or is extracted. It is VERY important to know, that you must
have a tooth kit with you when the tooth falls out. Timing is
critical, so please request your free... read more »
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Videos from Science Meeting

11/1/2012 (6 yrs ago)
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Board of Directors

10/30/2012 (6 yrs ago)
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10/4/2012 (6 yrs ago)