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Your child must attend, or you must be a teacher/assistant within a FOM chapter in Houston Texas.

The mission of Friends of Montessori (FOM), a nonprofit organization, is to further the acceptance and integration of Montessori learning within the Houston Independent School District as an alternative educational approach. FOM contributes the funds to enhance Montessori programs and provides support to the teachers, parents, and administrators at its participating campuses. FOM believes that wider access to this proven learning methodology provides opportunities for the advancement of all children.

The Friends of Montessori’s vision is to increase the availability of this educational choice and thereby maximize opportunities to foster self-confidence, independence, personal and social responsibility, and a passion for lifelong learning in our children. As FOM grows, our strategic plan to provide quality Montessori education in the public school system expands as well.

Friends of Montessori in supporting more opportunities to experience Montessori education in the Houston Independent School District, commits to the following values in our work.

Integrity — To build trust in our relationships with the schools, we are honest in all we do. We use grace and courtesy with one another. We believe in the Essential Elements of Successful Montessori Schools in the Public Sector, which guides our Montessori programs to success.

Commitment — Passionate in our belief in the Montessori method, we strive to make it accessible to more children in Houston.

Quality — We believe in sustainability and in the long-term success of our Montessori programs. Ensuring that the prepared environment in each classroom offers all the appropriate and beautiful materials needed to capture a child’s imagination and curiosity to learn.

Excellence — We set high standards for our board and the committees. We continue to press for excellence in the classroom by supporting Montessori certification of the Guides and Administrators at our partnering schools.

Leadership — We are leaders in promoting public Montessori in Houston. We act responsibly with the assets entrusted to us. We continually advocate for stronger Montessori programs enriching them with our resources and partnerships.

More about the FOM and its partnership with HISD in three schools: The Montessori program at Garden Oaks Elementary, now serving over 400 students from pre-K through 6th grade, opened in 1994.
In response to the success of and demand for this program, along with a recognized need for a public Montessori middle school, HISD partnered with Friends of Montessori to make Woodrow Wilson Elementary School the first all-Montessori campus in 2005. Beginning in the Fall of 2009, Woodrow Wilson Montessori School became fully Montessori for pre-K through 8th grade.
Our third chapter is the Los Niños Early Learners Program at the Community Family Center in Houston's East End. Los Niños is a subsidiary of Early Learners Program, which itself if a HISD Charter School. Los Niños joined in partnership with FOM in 2008.

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Do you shop at Kroger? Would you like to help your Montessori school?

9/2/2013 (5 yrs ago)
Friends of Montessori (FOM) is participating in the Kroger Community
Rewards program. Like Kroger, FOM is committed to helping our
Montessori community grow and prosper.

By registering your Kroger card and linking it to the Friends of
Montessori special NPO number (80623), FOM will receive a percentage
of... read more »
Announcements News

Online Shopping with OneCause... painless giving!

10/19/2010 (8 yrs ago)
We all shop online. Well here is a pain-free way to shop and make
donations without any extra effort!

You will save money and earn up to a 20% contribution for Friends of
Montessori on every eligible purchase you make, at no extra cost to

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