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Greater Nashua Parents of Twins & More

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Requirement for Membership

Parent, expectant parent, or grandparent of twins, triplets or other higher order multiples

The Greater Nashua Chapter (established 1973) of the Massachusetts Mothers Of Twins Association invites you to become a member of our club.

We are a non-profit organization that offers support and advice on raising multiples. Our club is a unique organization, in that we have an unusually diverse group of people with the kinship of multiple-parenthood as our bond. Being a parent of multiples is only something that another parent of multiples really understands.

Our organization offers an understanding of child development that relates especially to multiples and their siblings through the interchange of information among parents, educators, medical professionals and others.

The club is a member of both the
National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs and the Massachusetts Mothers of Twins Association.

Please visit our website at www.greaternashuapotm.org.