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Hmong American Community of Oregon

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Hmong American Community of Oregon provides various activities of common interests for those of the Hmong ancestry and other interested persons, particularly in the fields of family, education, vocations, culture and recreation. We strive to build among the Hmong individuals, families, community and interest groups, a sense of solidarity and friendship. Through our outreach program we share with other communities our Hmong language, culture and traditions. Thus, preserving what it means to be Hmong for future generations. We represent the Hmong community in Oregon and make known the needs of the Hmong community to government, other agencies, community groups and the public in general.

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For more info, please email chia.cha@hotmail.com.

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Come celebrate Hmong New Year in Portland

10/6/2010 (8 yrs ago)
Join us in celebrating the annual Hmong New Year, Hmoob Peb Caug, the
largest Hmong Community event in Portland, Oregon. The event will take
place on Saturday & Sunday, December 4-5, 2010 at the Holiday Inn
Portland Airport, 8439 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR. During the day
there will be Cultural Performances... read more »
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Oregon Hmong Community celebrates Hmong New Year

12/2/2009 (9 yrs ago)
November 14-15, 2009. Ridgefield Fair Ground, Ridgefield, WA. This
year the Oregon Hmong community celebrated it's annual Hmong New Year
in the spacious facilities of the Ridgefield Fair Ground. Security was
tight to ensure that everyone could enjoy the event safely. The
evening party was well attended... read more »
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The Hmong Breast & Cervical Cancer Project

12/2/2009 (9 yrs ago)
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HACO Helps to Promote Wat Lao Buddhatham-aram

9/1/2009 (9 yrs ago)
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HACO supports Uwajimaya Polynesian Festival

8/17/2009 (9 yrs ago)