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Homeschool Connections Of Las Vegas

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Requirement for Membership

Resident of Las Vegas. A homeschooling mom of at least one child kindergarten age. You must speak to a moderator for approval. 1 a month attendance

If you Homeschool in or around the Central,South West, West, North or Northwest Las Vegas area and are looking for a great way to connect with families, have a lot of fun, get great support, make friends for you and your children then check us out. If you are a mom looking for a group to really be part of and be an active member, this is the group for you. We cater to kids ages 6 and up. Even though all younger sibs are welcome to join everything we do:)
Our fun events consist of crafts, park days, field trips, book and other clubs, pot lucks, service projects,co-op days, holiday parties, and any activities that give us good reason to spend time with each other!
We are a family led group so if you want to plan it, we will come.
In addition, we offer fun Mom's Night Out, a moms book club. We use our group as a way to connect, laugh, support and truly share our lives with.
Our members are some of the most supportive families you will ever meet!
We hope to have helpful information, ideas to share, warm hearts and loving hands, shoulders to lean on, and many friends to share our hearts and lives with. We are all about the kids, the fun and the family connections. Therefore, we require that you are an active member to remain on our database. And come out to an event at least once a month.
If being part of a close knit support group is what you are looking for, then we encourage you to join our group.
Happy Homeschooling from our hearts to yours.

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Changes in Connections

5/28/2014 (4 yrs ago)
HI everyone! After much prayer and discussion amongst the group
leaders and the active members in the group we will be having some
changes take place for the group next year. We feel we are being led
in a different direction. We felt this last year but thought we would
give it another year as a big group... read more »
Announcements News

RSVP for our Christmas Performances

10/8/2013 (5 yrs ago)
WE do a small performance for 2 assisted living homes to celebrate
send holiday joy to the elderly. This is for sign ups. Practice and
performance attendance is mandatory. It is a simple program and the
kids should alreday know most of the songs. But I would like to get
the Cd before we start practice... read more »