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Ex-Seahawk fights team over painkiller handouts that kept him playing NFL games while hurt Jerry Wunsch used to plow into the biggest, strongest players the National Football League had to offer. Now, the onetime Seahawks offensive tackle struggles to walk a few blocks, climb stairs at his Florida home, or tie his size-17 shoes. The 43-year-old divorced father of three suffers debilitating headaches, forgets what he did a week ago, can’t keep a steady job and worries his two teenage sons and younger daughter will someday need to put him in institutional care. His knees and lower back strain as a wincing Wunsch, 6-foot-6 and pushing 400 pounds, rises from a chair at his lawyer’s office in Edmonds. Wunsch attributes his ongoing pain and deteriorating mental state to the blows he absorbed while numbed by painkillers he says the Seahawks freely gave players to keep them on the field. “It’s frightening as hell,” Wunsch said. “I drive home and I forget my way home. My girlfriend — and thank God for her — she helps me put my pants on. And I hate to say it, even underwear. That’s where it’s at.” Wunsch was never a star during his 113-game career, starting less than half the time. He played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1997-2001 and the Seahawks from 2002-2005. Then, during training camp in August of ’05, before the season in which the Seahawks made it to their first Super Bowl, his career was cut short by complications from a shredded ankle tendon. In retirement, Wunsch has emerged as a forceful NFL critic, waging two legal battles that cast a harsh light on the scope of prescription drug use in the injury-prone league. Former Seahawks offensive tackle Jerry Wunsch discusses the culture around getting a shot of Toradol before NFL games. (Katie G. Cotterill / The Seattle Times) Here in Washington state, Wunsch has fought for more than two years to win workers’ compensation for his physical and mental ailments. The Seahawks have opposed him at every step — even hiring p

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