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Jacksonville, FL Natural Parenting Playgroup

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Requirement for Membership

You must be a resident of the Jacksonville, FL area, agree to our rules, and participate in play group events regularly.

JAXNPP is an attachment and natural parenting oriented playgroup in the Jacksonville, FL AND Orange Park, FL area for parents who do not fit into the "mainstream" parenting mold. Families who practice things like extending breastfeeding, holistic health care, babywearing, homebirth, co-sleeping, organic food/healthy eating habits, cloth diapering etc. are NORMAL and welcomed here. The general mindset and approach here stems from natural parenting and the things accompanying it in order to cultivate a positive relationship with our children.

Some of our activities include going to parks, the zoo, play areas around town, museums, swimming, family picnics, playdates at each other's houses, trips to the beach, St. Augustine, and much more!

Please feel out the short form to the right to request an invitation to join. This will send your email a link with a longer form, that may take more time to fill out because we have alot of specific questions that we require for the safety of our families. We also require a phone call before we approve you to our group after receiving your completed application to join. We look forward to playing with you!

Any questions? Please email jaxnppmoderators@gmail.com

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3rd Annual JaxNPP BBQ!

7/7/2011 (7 yrs ago)
Its time for everyone to get together once again. If you haven't
already, please visit BigTent to vote for your favorite day for the
BBQ to be held. We are still looking for someone to host, as well, or
perhaps a good park idea. The BBQ is potluck style and a great chance
for everyone to meet and the kids to play. I'm looking forward to it!
Kaitlyn read more »