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Welcome to Joseph's People's "BigTent" Group site. This is a secure site for invited Joseph's People members only. It is designed to facilitate communication and networking within and between Joseph's People Chapters.

Joseph's People is a non-profit, all volunteer, ecumenical organization that provides information, advice and resources to a network of Job Search Support groups in the Philadelphia region. There are currently 10 Joseph's People Chapters in the area, visit our website at www.josephspeople.org and click on Locations to view current chapter meeting times.

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Tue Aug 22, 2017, 7:30–9:30 pm EDT

The VAST majority of people still out are over 50 and well educated. It's not fair, it's dead wrong, but it is the way things are. Come and learn ways to improve your situation.

You're in your mid-life years and you're feeling pretty good about the direction your career has gone. After all, you get good performance reviews, a modest annual merit increase, and maybe even a good year-end bonus or solid commission. Then you get an unexpected call to your supervisor’s office. Sitting and waiting for you is the HR director. Suddenly, after years of loyal service, you find yourself unceremoniously let go by your company.

What do you do now? It's not easy, but you can survive and thrive!
Ken has experienced this very painful and personal life event first hand. He will present his personal experience and how he went from despair and fear to finding a position and developing a lifestyle even better than the one he had before.

The reality is that separations from companies happen, but you can navigate through this stressful time and get you where you truly want to be. This presentation will cover:

-The harsh reality of a mid-life job loss
-Restarting your career
-Finding your way to a better life, both professionally and personally

Ken Sher is an Executive, Career and Life Coach who focuses on the whole person when helping with both professional or personal issues that you may be trying to manage. He spent nearly 25 years at Johnson & Johnson in various capacities, including Sales Leadership, Marketing Leadership, Sales Training, Leadership Development and the J & J Sales Recruiting department. If you would like to reach out to Ken, please call him at (215) 262-0528 or email him at ken@shercoaching.com

Why Aren't I Hired?

Thu Aug 24, 2017, 7–8:30 pm EDT

“Why don’t I get a call back?” “Was my resume not what they were looking for”? “Why didn’t I get the second interview?” These are just a few of the many questions you may ask yourself when you are in career transition. Our next session will try to touch on areas that may give you answers to these and similar questions. We’ll offer suggestions that have been proven to get you to the next level and ultimately will cause you to realize your goal. Please come with examples from your own experience so that we can provide specific help

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Career Crossroads Meeting July 13th

6/27/2017 (1 mo ago)
Please be aware that our normal meeting for July 13th is cancelled
since the Joseph's People Picnic is scheduling of the Joseph's People
Picnic on July 11th. Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be on
July 27th and you will see a detailed announcement on that shortly.
In the interim, I encourage... read more »
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4/10/2017 (4 mos ago)
There are all kinds of search methods available to you to search for
that next job. It's very confusing. Some work well. Some don't work
well. Knowing which is really important. Tom Rhoads, a long-time
professional coach will give you insights insights and corresponding
suggestions to help you understand... read more »
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2/15/2017 (6 mos ago)
Announcements News

A Great Day Coming - 5th Annual Retreat

2/3/2017 (6 mos ago)
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A Salesperson's Approach To Job Hunting

1/17/2017 (7 mos ago)