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Welcome to Joseph's People's "BigTent" Group site. This is a secure site for invited Joseph's People members only. It is designed to facilitate communication and networking within and between Joseph's People Chapters.

Joseph's People is a non-profit, all volunteer, ecumenical organization that provides information, advice and resources to a network of Job Search Support groups in the Philadelphia region. There are currently 10 Joseph's People Chapters in the area, visit our website at www.josephspeople.org and click on Locations to view current chapter meeting times.

Upcoming Events

Managing Your Life

Thu Sep 27, 2018, 7–8:30 pm EDT

There are many variables you must deal with when you are in career transition. Those dealing with the job search alone can be trying and exhaustive. When you add all those activities of daily life such as family, expenses, and health issues it is easy to become overwhelmed. What techniques are successful in handling these issues? What part does your faith play in overcoming adversities and staying focused? Our next session will be a discussion on how to manage these necessities and the unexpected interruptions. Cheryl Spaulding, President Emeritus and founder of Joseph’s People will lead our time together. Cheryl has over 25 years’ experience counseling those in transition and daily puts her faith into action.

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7/5/2018 (2 mos ago)
It's hot and summer and our attendance is down, so we are going to
cancel meetings for July and August and start up again in Sept. We'll
be working on a new schedule of topics and speakers that will focus on
the immediate problems you are all having. To that end, we would
REALLY appreciate some input... read more »
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6/28/2018 (2 mos ago)
Unfortunately, we had to cancel our annual picnic this year. There was
simply not enough time and people to pull it off. We've had some of
our most important people who run it have health issues and job
changes and it just was not possible to pull it together.

The Downingtown Chapter will hold regular... read more »
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4/11/2018 (5 mos ago)
Announcements News

RODNEY'S SYSTEM: The Proven Tracking System to Succeed at Job Search

4/2/2018 (6 mos ago)
Announcements News

RODNEY'S SYSTEM: The Proven Tracking System to Succeed at Job Search

4/2/2018 (6 mos ago)