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Longview Area Relaxed Home Educators

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Requirement for Membership

Must be a current or retired homeschooler within a 30-mile radius of Longview, fill out a membership form, and meet in person with a group moderator.

Longview Area Relaxed Home Educators, or LARHE, offers support for homeschooling families living in or near Longview, Texas. We are an inclusive group of families who enjoy the freedom to make educating our own children a priority in our lives. LARHE members recognize the diversity (religious, political, philosophical, etc.) within our group and we strive to treat each other with kindness and respect.

LARHE presents social opportunities in the form of weekly park days, monthly moms' nights out, field trips, and other special events.

To be a part of LARHE you will need to be a current homeschooler within a 30-mile radius of Longview, fill out a membership form (https://docs.google.com/document/d/12KPfEdqKcucM5tbnIj_xDzapg7qudCWURFAAEvlUuJs/edit?usp=sharing), and meet in person with any of the volunteer moderators (email larhehomeschool@gmail.com). You will also need to be moderately active online and in person. If we don't see you at an event or online for a few months and you haven't let someone know what's up, you may be unsubscribed with the option of rejoining us.

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Membership Guidelines

9/19/2014 (3 yrs ago)
LARHE's guidelines for membership really are simple: homeschool, live
within 30 miles of Longview, and turn in a short form in person.

But with all the various educational options available now, those
simple requirements might need clarification, so we've added a file
with a little more detail.

http... read more »