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Lean Coffee San Mateo

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What is Lean Coffee?

Using the familiar "flow-based" system (sticky notes and columns), we'll get together, write topics on sticky notes, vote on them, and then talk about each one in a timebox until we either are done with time or done with topics. It's fun and always results in great conversations.

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Moving to Meetup.com

8/15/2012 (6 yrs ago)
In preparation for moving this group to Meetup.com, I've removed the
meetings from here on BigTent.

Stay tuned for a new schedule that I'll announce shortly.

Thanks for your patience while the group's schedule settles down. read more »
Announcements News

July 3 and July 10 meetings canceled

7/2/2012 (6 yrs ago)
Apologies for the late notice, I have an urgent appointment on Tuesday
morning and will be out of the country the following week, so we will
next meet on July 17th. Tell your friends and colleagues to come then! read more »