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Little Texas Homeschoolers

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Requirement for Membership

Actively homeschooling at least one child (full or part-time) in kindergarten through 6th grade.

Hello! We are a network of families who are actively homeschooling our Little Texan(s). We typically reside in the northern area of Austin or one of the surrounding suburbs... WAY north of "the river"!

Our goal is to support and encourage each other in our homeschooling journey. Members are encouraged:
•participate in the online discussions that are positive and encouraging
•share resources or ask question on our forum
•join LTH events, such as field trips, playgroups, and holiday parties according to their families' needs and interests.

Our members use a variety of homeschool styles. Some have children older or younger than elementary level, so whenever possible, we like to include those children in our activities as well.

We also welcome families with 0-5 year olds who are exploring homeschooling options for their family and wish to learn from active homeschoolers.

Come join us!