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Las Vegas UK Mums Group

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Requirement for Membership

Mums from the UK or married to/partner of a UK'er
Live in the Las Vegas area

Are you living in the US but want to make sure your children know about UK traditions? Do you miss the Magic Roundabout, McVities biscuits, Guy Fawkes Day and Marks & Sparks? Then this group is for you!

The group was created so that UK families living in the Las Vegas area can meet and socialise. There are lots of UK'ers in town - let's get together! Mums from the UK or those who are married to/partnered with UK'ers are welcome.

This group has one playdate and one family get together monthly. Depending on interest, we will plan additional activities such as mum's night outs, date nights, etc.

We will try to schedule events in convenient locations. If there are members from all over town, we can rotate event locations between them.

Be sure to visit our blog at http://lvukmums.blogspot.com to keep up with UK events in Las Vegas! Contact me at lasvegasukmums on yahoo with any questions.