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The Massabesic Moms Network

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Requirement for Membership

You must be a Mom of a child in the School District.

This is a Social & Support Network for both working and at-home Moms of kids, who live within the Massabesic School District area.
Our mission is to improve the lives of mothers through support, education, and community. Our focus is building friendships and a sense of community within our district.
We address mother's needs as individuals and members of our community, and promote the value of all the work mothers do through online support and regular social events for Moms, kids, and families.

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Looking for news items!

7/16/2009 (10 yrs ago)
Have you always wanted to try your hand at journalism? Do you have a
great story you are just dying to share? Is there an "embarrassing
moment" in your past? Want to share your favorite recipe? Birth
announcement? Did your child win an award or do something
spectacular/unusual? Want to share info from... read more »
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Hot Mamas start tonight!!!

7/16/2009 (10 yrs ago)
You're invited to join the Hot Mamas Weight Loss group tonight at 6:30
pm in Limerick....Clubhouse 1!!! If you're not sure about it and you
just want to check it out, then you are STILL welcome to join us
tonight!! You may call (205-3137) or email
(griffinfamily@roadrunner.com) me if you have any questions or

Hope to see you tonight!
Christy read more »
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Hot Mamas Weighloss Club starts THIS Thursday!

7/13/2009 (10 yrs ago)
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Hot Mamas Weight Loss Club coming soon!!

6/25/2009 (10 yrs ago)
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Send a gift!

5/6/2009 (10 yrs ago)