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Open and Honest Polyamory

MNPoly is a polyamory organization based in St. Paul - Minneapolis, MN. We serve the polyamory community at large in three ways:

First, we strive to create a supportive environment that encourages the discussion of responsible, intimate, caring, multi-partnered relationships and related issues

Second, we encourage our members to participate in the collaborative process of community building. This can be through online discussion on our forums or offline through member-facilitated social gatherings.

Third, we provide opportunities for members to participate in activities that can benefit the polyamory community at large. For those members that are able and wanting, we provide resources to help them educate the public about polyamory and relationship choices, as well as advertise our group's existence in a public way so as to encourage additional members.

If you are having difficulty signing up for the site, please email mnpolymembership@gmail.com and one of the Membership Coordinators will assist you.