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Morristown Moms and Tots and More

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Requirement for Membership

Must have Children or Expecting

Playdates, Infant Playdates, Nature Walks, Moms Night Out, Day with Dad, Dads Night Out, Field Trips and so much more...

Come and join in on the fun! This grass roots community group welcomes all families and their child care providers to join.

No need to worry about "aging out" of this group as we are expanding to make this a true local family support group.

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New program in town! Nature Immersion Programs for Children Ages 2-17

12/19/2017 (10 mos ago)
I would have LOVED to have had my children in a program like this.
Perfect time to check it out and plan for next school year!

Nature Immersion Programs for Children Ages 2 - 17
- Family Day Care - Nature Preschool - Forest Kindergarten - After
School - Alternative Learning Environments for Adolescents... read more »
Announcements News

Announcing: Bike Sale! All bikes $10- maybe you have one to donate?

9/13/2017 (1 yr ago)
Unity Charter School is trying to assist everyone in obtaining
sustainable transportation. We are holding a used bike sale on Friday,
October 13 from 5 pm until 7 pm. We are also looking for used bikes to
sell. If you want to donate a working bike your child has outgrown or
that you no longer use, please... read more »
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Coding Summer Camp for Kids!

5/21/2017 (1 yr ago)
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Eco FunFest- Free for Parents and kids under 5!!!!!

4/24/2017 (1 yr ago)
Announcements News

Girls Leadership - Parent-Daughter Workshop for Grades 4 and 5

1/6/2016 (3 yrs ago)