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Minnesota Valley Mothers of Multiples

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Requirement for Membership

Members must be mothers of multiples (i.e. twins, triplets, or more). We do not accept what is sometimes referred to as "Irish twins".

We're a friendly group of women who live and work and raise families within the Twin Cities metro area (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA). We've been around since 1975, and we're made up of moms who've had twins, triplets, quads....or more! Our membership is around 500 members strong! Our goal is to provide:

Information: "What do I do when...?"

Friendship: "It's great to meet you!"

Support: "I know what you mean!"

Our Mission: "To promote the health and wellness
of our members by providing learning opportunities
and resources that relate to the unique aspects of raising
multiple birth children. "

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