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Nassau County Mothers of Twins

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Requirement for Membership

You must be a parent or guardian of twins or higher order multiples and a resident of NY.

If you've got TWINS or more, you need the Nassau County Mothers of Twins Club (NCMOTC). As mothers of twins and more in this non-profit organization, we share our ideas, build friendships and offer support - and we've been doing it since 1960!


* Big Sisters to guide you compassionately
* Small group discussions
* Postpartum Hotline
* Meals for new Moms
* Monthly award-winning newsletter
* Key programs & speakers
* Interactive website
* Equipment exchange, tag sales
* Make lifelong friends
* Playmates for your children
* Family events, outings and parties
* Playgroups, Book Club, Moms nights out
* Activities also for school-aged twins

We meet on the third Tuesday of every month(except July and December)at the Parkway Community Church, 95 Stewart Ave, Hicksville, NY starting with support at 7:30 pm, business at 8:00pm and speakers and small groups at 8:30pm. Light refreshments are always served.

For membership questions email - ncmotcmembership@gmail.com or for general questions email - presidentncmotc@gmail.com.

Put all your worries to rest and come make some friends at the Nassau County Mothers of Twins Club!

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2/21/2016 (5 mos ago)
Our Semi-Annual Tag Sale is a great opportunity for you to stock up on
your kids' spring and summer fashions, Easter and Passover outfits, as
well as shoes, toys, strollers, pack n plays, and more!!! Also, it is
a great opportunity for members to sell all of the items your kids no
longer need that are... read more »
Announcements News

March Meeting

2/21/2016 (5 mos ago)
Join us for our March meeting on March 15th at Calageros in Garden
City (919 Franklin Ave) at 7:30pm. We will be featuring a Mom's Panel
where Mom's of older multiples will answer any questions you
have....should you separate them in school? when do boy/girl twins
usually get their own bedrooms? Also... read more »
Announcements News

February Meeting - Small Group Discussions

2/11/2016 (5 mos ago)
Announcements News

November meeting - Discipline Panel

11/10/2015 (9 mos ago)
Announcements News

Fall Tag Sale!

10/14/2015 (10 mos ago)