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Jonathan Roche wants to help you maximize every minute of your limited exercise time! He is a Certified Personal Trainer, 16-time Boston Marathon Finisher (running 15 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and Award-Winning Fitness Expert.

In 1995 Jonathan weighed 224 pounds when his Dad (who struggled with his weight) died of a cardiac arrest. Today Jonathan weighs 180 and has kept 40 pounds off for 14 years. He knows how to lose weight and keep it off and how to get in amazing shape.

Jonathan sends out a Daily Fitness Mission and Article (with free workouts) to over 50,000 members. And you can use his 15 Secrets to Better Health to crank up your energy and results! Click on "Not a member? sign-up" to the right to join his free team.

Recent News

No Excuses Workouts News

Call me or listen @ 1PM EST for tips to crank up your metabolism

1/31/2012 (6 yrs ago)

Jonathan here: You deserve to have tons of energy and to
feel amazing (and crank up your weight loss) without it
feeling like a part-time job so please listen to my show

My weekly No Excuses to a Healthier YOU radio show will
help you fight off your negative voice and get motivated!

Listen... read more »
No Excuses Workouts News

1/30 Fit. Mission & 4 weeks into 2012: Pick a team

1/29/2012 (6 yrs ago)

Jonathan here: Mondays set the tone for the week
so make sure to nail today's Interval Workout.

You will feel 10X better post-workout!


"Most people search high and wide for the keys to
success. If they only knew, the key to their dreams
lies within." - George Washington... read more »
No Excuses Workouts News

Testimonial: This morning I ran and I haven't run in 12 years!!!

12/8/2011 (6 yrs ago)
No Excuses Workouts News

12/8 Fit. Mission & How to make your No Excuses Workout (NEWO) fun!

12/7/2011 (6 yrs ago)
No Excuses Workouts News

12/7 Fit. Mission & 10-Minute Interval Workouts really work!

12/7/2011 (6 yrs ago)