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Newton Mamas

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Requirement for Membership

You must live in Newton MA or a neighboring town and be a parent or guardian of infant(s) and/or young kid(s) & complete all info in application form.

This group is for moms of infant(s) and/or young kid(s) living in Newton, MA and its neighboring towns (Waltham, Watertown, Needham, West Roxbury, Wellesley and Weston, Brookline and Brighton) who want a way to meet other moms, organize activities, get advice and share information. Some of us work and some of us are stay-at-home moms. We all have small children and want a community to find support, share and compare notes on our parenting experiences.

This group is organized by local moms. We do this without charging any fees in whatever free time we can find.

Once you join, you will receive instructions on how to join the Newton Hip Mamas Meet Up Group. We use this group to organize playdates, and other activities with or without our kids.

The moderators reserve the right to cancel membership of anyone who behaves inappropriately, spams or doesn't play nice. Please see our RULES FOR POSTING: http://www.bigtent.com/group/news/entry/37640598.

The group is closed to individuals who wish to join for the primary purpose of making announcements about events, services or products and who wish to use us for marketing or research. We are also closed to nannies and daycare providers unless you are also a Newton area parent.
Anyone found misrepresenting themselves to the group will be immediately suspended and/or banned.

FOR YOUR SAFETY: do not post your address and phone number on emails to the group. We cannot guarantee privacy once the emails are archived.
We like Big Tent's privacy policy: http://www.bigtent.com/privacy
Control your privacy settings: http://blog.bigtent.com/2012/10/22/member-tip-how-to-control-your-profile-privacy-settings/

DISCLAIMER: Opinions and advice are those of members. Moderators are not responsible for personal opinions and content posted by members.

PLEASE NOTE: We are affiliated with the "Newton Hip Mamas Meet Up Group".