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Norma fontain Tips to Success making A Film

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Make A Film: Tips to Success.

I did not intend to write an article today. But Norma fontain http://www.naacp.org/page/event/detail/4jr7k meetings that I made last night lead me to do. Before going further. Note that this article applies to all those who come on this site and beyond!

So whether you're a writer, director, editor, storyborder assistant staging etc ...

Yesterday evening I was at a preview screening of a TV movie. Even if a writer or a director spend most of their time in an office in torturing the meninges, it is necessary from time to time they go out to meet people, expand their network and .... breathe! Whether beginners or confirmed.

This kind of place Norma fontain http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=7iutG70AAAAJ: the sneak peeks, festivals shorts, cocktails, the holiday location etc. .. are the best places to meet people. So get out!

Short projection ends, everyone leaves the room and goes to the cup of friendship. I discuss the end of fat with my friend and director during our conversation 5 people came to take the temperature and sell. Two of them wanted to have plans to be on a shoot, another wanted pipes to meet producers, the fourth was a young assistant and the last dropped us a demo cd with shorts .... and I am sure they did the same thing to other people.

The process is inevitable, but good view ....

You know what ....? only one of them have the ultimate weapon that we remember him! A CARD!!!!

Good ultimate weapon maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'm not far from the truth. Why? Because a multitude of person who scribbled them as email or on a piece of paper that it is not professional and most of the time these papers end up in the trash we encounter. This morning while doing my pockets for my keys, I found the business card of the guy from yesterday ... and you know what? well I ordered, it did not end in the trash. Norma fontain https://www.etsy.com/teams/21247/norma-fontain-the-basics-of-a-short-film This culture! we do not throw a card while a vulgar piece of paper, yes. Even if you do not have much experience do you make cards, you spend for someone serious and prepared!

it takes you 10 minutes by my watch and it costs you nothing. Examples that you can find.

Moreover it is easy to slide a card into the Portfolio or the cover of his laptop rather than a paper half torn off.


- You have an association made a card.

- You must look for a setting: leave cards.

- You want the stuff to a dealer business: leave a card.

- You drop a scenario or send a demo: Staple it for a card


The worst part is that today you can find free on the net! you can put your name, logo, slogan ..... etc. .... in short what you want AND IT'S FREE!

The examples above norma fontain http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1140591 I invite you to take a ride on this site, first because they are pro and fast and secondly you will help this site so that it remains accessible to all and free.

Keep in mind that not having a business card is a negative point. Do not spend more for a AMATEUR. Obviously I'm talking about real card no TIPS made with cardstock, Canson paper or manufactured by tata Gisele! Unless you wanted to grill.

As you can see from the examples of business card that I put there a few frills. You must have your card is simple and it contains only the essential information: Name, Position, Email, Website. Optionally you can add your address. Norma fontain http://www.studentsfirst.org/page/event/detail/jt8 That is why in my opinion the best map presented here is the 4th in the lower right ...

Last thing: With the link I put, you'll be able to make your card. Feel free to choose a thicker paper weight or style finer print. You'll stand out more. But do not overdo it.

Selected options will cost you only a few euros, Norma fontain https://medium.com/@moviebusiness/norma-fontain-different-broadcast-around-the-short-film-ae039162e222 but the result will be high. And do not forget that to 5 or 6 euros for a powerful tool (and here I mean it) is nothing to view of what you can win.

Trust me because it works!

Good luck,