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North Shore Mothers of Multiples

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You must be expecting and or have twins, triplet, etc.

Welcome to the North Shore Mothers of Multiples (NSMOM) located in Danvers, Massachusetts. We are a non-profit organization founded in 1958 by Barbara Bergman. We offer support and social events to mothers of multiples (twins, triplets and more), in the North Shore area. Our affiliation with the state and national organizations allow us to tap into a vast amount of information and to participate in the state and national conventions.

Our primary purpose is to learn and to share with one another. We meet once a month to exchange ideas on the care, growth and development of our multiples, as well as to participate in relevant programs, charitable projects and social events throughout the year. We invite guest speakers to discuss a variety of topics in which our members have expressed interest. Some of those speakers have been pediatricians, personal safety experts, fitness trainers, jewelry makers and more. In addition, we often hold "cope" nights for members to discuss problems and concerns regarding our multiples or simply to relax and have fun.

Our monthly newsletter, The Duet, previews upcoming meetings and advertises an exchange of clothing and equipment. We also have our own library which subscribes to magazines and has publications on multiples as well books and tapes on a wide range of parenting subjects.

If you are an expectant mother, mother or grandmother of multiples, we invite you to come to a meeting or contact our Membership Secretary for more information about NSMOM.

North Shore Mothers of Multiples recognizes a partnership of support with the Multiples of America aka National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc., www.multiplesofamerica.org.

Looking for the North Shore Mothers of Multiples located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? http://www.northshoremoms.ca/.