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Requirement for Membership

You or your child's caregiver must be a resident of Durham, Lee or Madbury and have one child not yet in First Grade.

Oyster River Parents and Preschoolers (ORPP) is a non-profit preschooler activity group open to families in the Oyster River School District (Durham, Lee & Madbury). Our members organize events and activities throughout the month for children (birth through kindergarten) during the week, parent activities in the evenings and family events on the weekends. We contribute to the greater community through community service activities as directed by our members.

Each month ORPP provides:
· Free toddler & kid activities
· Family fun events at local venues
· Parent’s night out
· Local farm & business tours
· Arts & crafts
· Service opportunities
· E-newsletter & event calendar

You will need to become a member to view these activities!
To become a member just register through the bigtent.com portal to the right. Just fill out your name and email and a personalized invitation will be sent via email. We use this site to ensure complete privacy of information. ONLY MEMBERS may view contact information and it is for personal use only.

To Advertise with us visit our public website at orppnh.org