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Requirement for Membership

You must be the parent/guardian of a currently enrolled PA Cyber student or a PA Cyber or NNDS staff member.

PA Cyber Online Community is a place where members can connect on-line to share their experiences with cyber schooling, ask questions and foster a sense of community with other PA Cyber families in their region and around the state. This is the place where you network with other parents in your area and find others nearby to get together and start building YOUR PA Cyber community.

This online community is for PA Cyber families only, therefore we ask that you provide your last name and student information in your Big Tent registration form in order for membership approval.

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6/14/2011 (6 yrs ago)
We want this to be a positive tool for communication. Please be kind
and respectful to everyone on the list. PCCS parents, students and
staff come from many different backgrounds, religions, political
parties, schooling, etc? So please keep that in mind when making your
posts. No flaming (mean spirited... read more »