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Dayton Pickleball

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Requirement for Membership

You must live in southwest Ohio, Eastern Indiana or northern Kentucky.

- A group of Pickleball enthusiasts located in Dayton, Ohio, eastern Indiana and northern Kentucky.
- Complete novices welcome.
- Visit our informational site http://www.daytonpickleball.com for EVERYTHING about Pickleball. View information on how to play, where to play, training videos and

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Pickleball Magazine

12/1/2015 (3 yrs ago)
The USAPA is excited to announce the launch of Pickleball Magazine,
the only magazine featuring one of the fastest growing sports in
America. Each issue of Pickleball Magazine offers readers the
opportunity to learn more about the sport and the people involved with
it. Beginning January 2016, all USAPA... read more »
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Online Pickleball Player Rules Quiz

11/6/2015 (3 yrs ago)
Recreational Pickleball players, prepare to test your knowledge of the
To find out, click this link:
http://bit.ly/1iIAHiV [1]
The USAPA has created a fun 50-question Player Rules Quiz designed as
a learning exercise for players who mainly participate in
non-officiated play. Although the rules... read more »
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Pickleball - Pizza - Pop

11/1/2015 (3 yrs ago)
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Kettering Tennis Club Goes All-In

10/30/2015 (3 yrs ago)
Announcements News

Insiders say the explosive growth of pickleball can be a positive for the tennis market; if tennis lets it

10/30/2015 (3 yrs ago)