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Puget Sound Preppers

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This group facilitates learning skills and exchange of information among members - focusing on individual preparation for natural or man-made disaster. This group is NOT involved in: revolution, war, militia, political parties, religious activities, racism, or lobbying. This group is about skills and knowledge. Participation is open to all persons that are concerned that our civil society might experience large scale problems. You don't need to have special skills or knowledge to join and participate, only a wish to learn.

We meet every three weeks or so at Panera Bread Restaurant in Redmond.

Note: Only your first name is required to join this group.

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The new Forum

4/5/2015 (3 yrs ago)
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We are moving

4/3/2015 (3 yrs ago)
Welcome to the new Puget sound preppers global forum. It is devoid of
much content at the moment, but there are lots of boards , categories
and places to post, learn and connect with one another. As soon as I
take my test on Saturday I'll be able to really dig my heels in and
start posting to the proper... read more »
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This group was formed for the FREE exchange of ideas and information.

8/5/2014 (4 yrs ago)
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Welcome new members

7/28/2014 (4 yrs ago)
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Butane Stoves

11/19/2013 (5 yrs ago)