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Seacoast Area Mothers of Multiples

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Available Membership Types
  • Multiples < 5 years
  • Multiples > 5 years
Requirement for Membership

Mothers of multiple-birth children in the New Hampshire Seacoast and York County, Maine

Welcome to the Seacoast Area Mothers of Multiples (SAMOM)!

Having one child at a time can be overwhelming, but a multiple-birth offers its own unique rewards and challenges. We are a non-profit organization comprised of mothers who have had the experience of conceiving or caring for more than one child at a time. Our members gather in a variety of ways, including meetings and play dates, to share experiences, offer support, and broaden horizons.

What can SAMOM offer you?
* Monthly newsletter
* Mom's night out
* Advice and support from members
* Informational and education speakers
* Fun family activities
* Opportunity to sell used children's clothing and equipment at semi-annual sale
* Be the first to shop at our clothing and equipment sale

Please join us! Membership is $25/year. If you have multiples over age 5 membership is $15/year.

Want to speak to a club member to learn more before joining? Email samomclub@gmail.com

The Seacoast Area Mothers of Multiples recognizes a partnership of support with the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc., www.nomotc.org.

Recent News

Announcements News

September 2016 Newsletter

9/3/2016 (9 mos ago)

The September newsletter is here thanks to Lee Holden-Mount. We thank
you and appreciate your hard work. Read what's happening this fall.

If anyone is interested in joining the newsletter team or contributing
to an upcoming month, please reach out to SAMOMCLUB@GMAIL.COM.

Happy Fall!
Announcements News

Invitation & RSVP: First Board Meeting Of The Year

8/14/2016 (10 mos ago)
Join us for the first board meeting of the new year. You do not have
to be an active board member to attend. It is a great opportunity to
see the "behind the scenes" of SAMOM. All are welcome!

Event Details & RSVP
What: First Board Meeting Of The Year
Who: Seacoast Area Mothers of Multiples
... read more »
Announcements News

Announcing: Fall SAMOM Sale Seller Sign-ups

7/10/2016 (11 mos ago)
Announcements News

Invitation & RSVP: Family Swim at the Works

6/25/2016 (1 yr ago)
Announcements News

RSVP Reminder: End of year Banquet at Ikko Dover

6/1/2016 (1 yr ago)