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Sonoma County Democracy Cafe

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The goal is to use a method of dialog inspired by Socrates to uncover truths about the world -- in this case, the world of democracy, open societies, and politics in general. Democracy Cafe was founded by the philosopher and acclaimed author Socrates Café, Christopher Phillips, as part of his Socrates Cafe initiative.

Many Rivers Books & Tea in Sebastopol, CA hosts the Café every 3rd Monday of the month!

(Check Many Rivers’ Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ManyRiversBooksandTea) or call the store (707-829-8871) as dates sometimes change). We welcome respectful dialog from all members of the community, regardless of background, age, or political inclination.

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February Cafe

1/15/2018 (1 wk ago)
Our group last week was small but enjoyable. I'm looking forward to
seeing what next month! I'm going to try reaching out more to some
local places, and Sonoma West has added our event to their email list.
But things like this spread by word of mouth. Tell your friends. Peer
pressure your acquaintances... read more »
Announcements News

Welcome to Our BigTent!

11/27/2017 (2 mos ago)
Welcome to our new activity hub, folks! After a year of successful
events, we've decided on this as our new online home. We hope to begin
expanding our membership soon, working to bring people from all ages
and backgrounds into the fold of real, excellent, democratic

Right now we meet... read more »