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The Southern Highlands Community Bulletin Board

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Welcome to the Southern Highlands Community Bulletin Board!

Your one-stop resource for all community activities within the Southern Highlands.

March 2010:
More than 100 individual events listed on calendar.
More than 50 local groups listed.
Photos showcasing the highlands.

Getting Started
1. Join up.
2. Watch for the approval emails that come through as they may go to your spam folder.
3. Registration just checks that you're old enough, asks about your interests and community groups (optional), and asks which interest groups you'd like to join (optional).
4. Join some of the interest subgroups to see events on their calendars (again watch for approval emails). These subgroups include:
•Art and Culture
•Preschool parent group
•Schoolage parent group
•Ecovillage group
•Seniors group
•Carers group
•Service organisations

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