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SIKidSF Parent Support Group

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You must be a parent of a sensory kid, living in or near San Francisco.

About SIKidSF Parent Support Group:

SIKidSF is a support group for parents of kids with sensory processing disorder, living in San Francisco. Our kids all have different levels of SID/SPD and different symptoms. We are not experts, we are parents trying to figure it all out and help our kids as much as possible. To that end, this website contains a directory of member recommended SI related services in San Francisco, an SI recommended reading list, links to SI related websites and many other sensory tools created and shared by our members.

In addition to our website and email communications, we have intimate monthly in person meetings to share stories, vent and discuss what is going on in our lives. Many of us have felt the isolation of having a child who is different than the other kids, who doesn't like play-dates, birthday parties or group gatherings. We have felt the stares of strangers, friends and relatives when our child is being quirky, having a melt down or being aggressive. Within this group you will find others who understand the unending patience, strength and exhaustion it can take to parent these kids as well as the special love and joy we feel for them. So that all feel comfortable, what is shared here is confidential.

Have questions? Contact us at sikidsf@yahoo.com

If you think your child might have some sensory issues and want to find out more, pick up a copy of "The Out of Sync Child" or the Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist at: http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/sensory-processing-disorder-checklist.html. If you are not in the SF Bay Area, go to the SPD Network to find a group in your area at http://www.spdfoundation.net/families.html.

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Aroma Essences by Karin -

11/8/2012 (6 yrs ago)

Corn syrup (KARO)
Food coloring or vegetable dye
Q-tips or water color brushes or your fingers

Mix different colors of dye and syrup in small bowls or recycled
applesauce containers.
The sticky paint looks great on white paper, waxed paper, and even
Make "stained glass"... read more »
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Sensory Project of the Month - July 2012

7/10/2012 (6 yrs ago)
Sensory Project of the Month
First, let me say that last month's sensory strategy is still going
strong in our house.
Each morning, each person pulls a numbered ping pong ball from the
and completes the corresponding activity from his/her list.
Yes, there has been some "cheating" as some activities... read more »
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Sensory Project of the Month - April

5/8/2012 (7 yrs ago)
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Sensory Project of the Month - January

1/8/2012 (7 yrs ago)
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Sensory Project of the Month - October

10/2/2011 (7 yrs ago)