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Strong Independent Ladies Klub

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Elite Members must be residents of Houston, TX

S.I.L.K supporters who cant be here but love what we stand for

Strong Independent Ladies Klub is an Elite Pleasure and Social club requiring, priority, dues, registration, and yearly invitation only membership! Awesome right? Something new and exclusive and you will be apart of it, we want to empower each other, support our sisters from all walks of life. For the most part its leisure, learning, and pleasure in one. They will have something for all... We welcome a diversity group of women, because regardless of race we are sisters right.....

Recent News

SILK 2013 Birth and Recognition News

Strong Independent Ladies Klub (Birth)

12/17/2012 (5 yrs ago)
Yes, We are here finally! We are hosting our first info and new member
event. Please Join us to learn more about SILK and to become a
member.... read more »