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St. Anne's Society - St. John Vianney

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“Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” I Thess. 5:11

St. Anne's Society is an organization of mothers with young children at St. John Vianney Catholic Church. We join together for spiritual, social, and educational growth. We are 170 members strong and growing!

Social: We offer social events for both stay-at-home and working members, as well as activities for your children and families. A few examples include monthly Lunch Bunches in members' homes, play groups for all ages, Mommy and Me field trips, Family parties, Girls Night Outs and numerous Couples' Parties.

Spiritual: Spiritual growth is offered through our Programs, Bible study, prayer groups, and service opportunities for both mothers and young children. Our programs are designed to inform, entertain, and enrich us as women, wives and mothers. This summer we will be studying Mary: A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother. This study will place you in the midst of the powerful drama of her earthly life, taking you through her joys...and her sorrows. You will learn how she works in our lives today, drawing us ever closer to her Divine Son. Seeing Mary in this way will change you forever. Mary will become a part of your daily life, and in your daily life, you will become more like Christ.

Monthly Meetings: Meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month during the school year from 9:30-11:30 a.m. in the Activity Center (free babysitting is provided!). Monthly meetings include guest speakers and small group time, with topics ranging from parenting to children's health issues to spiritual growth for mothers. Members support our programs and activities through annual dues. Our membership is open to all women. Monthly meetings are held August through May.

Service/volunteering: Volunteer opportunities include Meals for Moms (providing meals for new moms, families in need, etc.), assisting at Parish Events, and donating to charities throughout the community. We also offer service opportunities for mothers and for our young children, so that they can learn about different service-related virtues at an age-appropriate level.

We are women supporting each other through this most important and rewarding journey of motherhood with which God has blessed us.

Please join us!

Membership information — sasmembers@gmail.com

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Meals for Wendie Anderson

1/17/2017 (4 days ago)
Wendie Anderson has been battling a serious illness, and we would like
to provide her family with meals. Please pray for Wendie's recovery,
and if you are able to, sign up to bring her family a meal.

The Andersons usually sit down to dinner at 6:00 p.m. There will be 2
adults and 2 children eating.

Wendie lives in Spring Branch in the 77041 zip code... read more »
Announcements News

Christmas Reflection - 12.25.2016

12/25/2016 (3 wks ago)
"'Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom his
favor rests.'" - LK 2:14

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you to all those who
wrote Advent reflections. Thank you for allowing me into your inbox
and taking the time to read the reflections. Before starting a
reflection... read more »
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Advent Reflection - 12.24.2016

12/24/2016 (1 mo ago)
Announcements News

Advent Reflection - 12.23.2016

12/23/2016 (1 mo ago)
Announcements News

Advent Reflection - 12.22.2016

12/22/2016 (1 mo ago)