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The MOMS Club of South Boston, MA

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The MOMS Club of South Boston, MA is a support group just for you, the mother of today, interested in the community around you, wanting a variety of activities for you and your children.

Internationally, the MOMS Club has over 2,000 chapters in seven countries, and we represent more than 100,000 members.

The club enriches the lives of our children as well as offering support and understanding to members.

Some of our activities include: park play dates, parties, arts and crafts, club outings, monthly new member meetings, new member coffee dates and moms’ night out.

Additionally, the club is playing an increasing role in our community with a strong focus on social and environmental issues. We donate our time and effort to ensure our parks are clean and our community is safe for our children.

For more information about our international organization go to: www.momsclub.org.

If you are a current South Boston, MA resident and parent or expecting parent interested in joining our local chapter please send an email to southiemomsclubmembership@gmail.com