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Santa Rosa Mothers' Club

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You must be a resident of Springfield, USA.

The Santa Rosa Mothers' Club is a non-profit, self-sustaining volunteer organization founded in November 1991. We are a network of parents who strive to support, encourage and strengthen each other as we raise our young children. SRMC relies on club members, annual fees and fundraisers to support our functions.

Being a parent can be joyous, stressful, wonderful and trying. Although we would not trade our role for anything else, raising children can be a lonely endeavor. The SRMC provides a unique community that strives to bring mothers, children and families together to replace loneliness with laughter.

We make new friends for ourselves and for our children. We encourage each other in the daily challenges of parenting. Monthly Events, shared interest groups, outings, and club events are ways to share company, gather ideas, encourage self-improvement, make new friends, and of course, have fun.

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SRMC members only Facebook Group

7/6/2017 (7 mos ago)
SRMC is only using BigTent currently for membership registrations. All
communication moving forward can be found on our "MEMBERS ONLY"
Facebook group. You will receive an invite to join this group once
your payment is processed. If you are a member of SRMC and not yet
part of the "MEMBERS ONLY" facebook... read more »
Announcements News

ANNOUNCING the SRMC Facebook Group!!

9/11/2015 (2 yrs ago)
We are so excited to announce that we now have a more user friendly
way to communicate with other members of this amazing club! SRMC now
has a Facebook Group!

This Group is different from our Facebook Page (which was and is still
for publicity purposes). This new Facebook Group allows members to
easily... read more »
Announcements News

Get Involved!

3/31/2015 (3 yrs ago)