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Requirement for Membership

Must be a blogger or webmaster.

SurveySpencer.com is a growing blog that focuses on teaching people the ins and outs of surveys for money.

We are currently seeking other blogs in our area to network with. What will we talk about here at BigTent.com? Not sure yet, that's why I want to have a Google Plus hangout where we can chat about different ideas we have for the group. If you're in the area, we may also meet up and talk shop (writing content etc.).

Topics will likely include (the current state of surveys for money, how to promote a blog, content creation and more). We may also discuss ways to help each other in terms of content creation and cross promotion.

To join our group you must be a webmaster or blogger with an active site, preferably in the marketing or blogging area (although paid surveys experience would be a huge plus as that is what our staff focuses on!).

To learn more about our site and what we do before you apply, please visit http://surveyspencer.com/.

We hope to have a Google Hangout soon so we can chat about this group.

Spencer and the rest of the SurveySpencer.com team

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7/12/2012 (6 yrs ago)
This message is for the writing staff at Survey Spencer. Please send
over any topic ideas before you post them to the site. Thanks. read more »