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Manhattan Twins Club

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Available Membership Types
  • MTC 'Expert' Annual
  • MTC One Year $75
  • MTC Three Year $195
  • MTC Two Year $135
Requirement for Membership

You must be a parent or legal guardian of multiples and have a connection to the NYC metro area.

Manhattan Twins Club

Multiples in Manhattan?

Whether you are expecting multiples, or are already raising them, the Manhattan Twins Club is here to help! Founded over 25 years ago to support New York City parents of twins and more, our nonprofit club is one of the largest multiples communities in the United States.

Do you want to . . .

  • find out what you really need to survive NYC with twins or more?
  • swap stories, get support, and give advice securely online?
  • attend educational events, family picnics, and parent socials?

What we're talking about

Early intervention. Will they ever sleep? The best double stroller. Which preschool? Vacations with kids clubs. Sibling wars! And more.

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Sign up above. Questions? info@manhattantwinsclub.org

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